(Let’s Go Down to Texas): When You’re Back by Abbi Glines

(Let’s Go Down to Texas): When You’re Back by Abbi GlinesWhen You're Back by Abbi Glines

Published by Simon and Schuster on June 30th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Fiction, General, Love & Romance, New Adult, Romance
Pages: 272
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher

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From #1 New York Times bestselling author Abbi Glines comes the next new adult novel in her beloved Rosemary Beach series, which continues the story of Mase and Reese from When I’m Gone.She was where my home would always be. It was time I took the next step and proved to her I was all in. Forever. A chance meeting in Rosemary Beach has turned into a fairy-tale romance as Reese prepares to move in with Mase on his family ranch in Texas. With the loving support of the Colts, and her recent discovery that she has family of her own, Reese can finally move on from the dark horrors of her past and into a bright future. But Aida isn’t going to let that happen. The beautiful blonde has been raised to think of Mase as her cousin, but it’s clear to Reese that Aida doesn’t love Mase like a cousin should. And then there’s Captain, the inescapable stranger who has connections in Dallas and Rosemary Beach—and who conveniently shows up wherever Reese happens to be. Hot, mysterious, and plain-speaking, Captain isn’t afraid to tell Reese what he thinks about Mase—and how he feels about her. As the competition for Mase and Reese’s hearts heats up, Reese’s past begins to unravel, illuminating shocking truths that will forever change the lives of the happy couple—and set the final stories of Rosemary Beach in motion.

After surviving a long distance relationship, meddling siblings and her traumatic past, Reese Ellis has got her man and the future is looking good. She and boyfriend Mase Colt-Manning are madly in love and ready to start the next chapter of their lives in Texas. But things are never that easy. Mase’s cousin sees Reese as competition and a newcomer to the scene threatens Reese and Mase’s relationship.

There’s something very comforting about an Abbi Glines read. You know you’re going to get racy romance, devastatingly hot alpha males, and a dash of potentially relationship ending drama. Whilst you know things are going to be okay at the end (I don’t count this as a spoiler – it’s a romance novel. This is a given) Abbi’s books are all different enough to keep you hooked until the last page.

In When You’re Back, the eleventh installment to the Rosemary Beach series and the second book in Reese and Mase’s relationship, there is a lot to keep readers entertained. Reece has grown since we first met her in When I’m Gone. She’s more confident and starting to live her life to the full. After finding happiness in Mase’s arms, Reece isn’t going to let him go without a fight. I like how maturely she handled the Aida situation. Mase’s cousin clearly made Reece uncomfortable but instead of demanding Mase choose between them she was rational and had faith in Mase’s feelings for her.

Despite this book switching points of view between Mase and Reese each chapter, I felt this book was more about Reese than it was about Mase. He’s supportive and (over)protective, swoon worthy and wonderful but Reese was what made this novel for me. After the cliffhanger at the end of When I’m Gone we get to see Reese and her new family. She has to deal with living in a new state as well as finding her place in her father’s family – as well as in Mase’s family.

There’s a tall dark and handsome newcomer River who added plenty of mystic and drama for the leading couple and I loved seeing Reese’s interactions with him. The appearances from many of Rosemary Beach’s favourite characters were very welcome and it was nice checking in with them to see how their lives are now they have found love.

The romance in When You’re Back was perfect for Reese and Mase. It’s sensual and sexy with the spark between the two being very much alive. These are two characters who I enjoyed reading about because as much as I liked reading about them as a couple, I loved they were still their own people with their own lives as well.

If you like Abbi Glines novels – you will love When You’re Back. This book is a great addition to the Rosemary Beach series and it has made me eager to see what Abbi writes next!


Many thanks to Simon and Schuster Australia for the review copy. 

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  1. I see that Reese has some “competition” there. I have yet to read any books by Abbi Glines but your review convinced me to read Reese and Mace’s story first among the many books in the series. Thanks for sharing your review!

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