About Me

Welcome to Fictional Thoughts! My name is Kate and I’m the founder of Fictional Thoughts, a review blog where you can find reviews of novels, guest posts and author interviews and lots more! I started blogging in April 2012 (at whYAnot Reviews) after following many book review blogs and I thought it looked like a lot of fun. Whilst I review adult novels, young adult fiction is something near and dear to my heart. I am of the belief that you are never too old to enjoy a well written book regardless of the intended audience and many of my all-time favourite novels are categorised as young adult.

I can remember being 12 and discovering the young adult section in the public library. I read nearly every single title they held and I was often suggesting new titles for the library to buy – and then put my name down first on the waiting list. These books helped me though some tough teenage years.

The books from this genre appeal not just to teenagers and young adults but rather they have a lot to offer older people as well. Some of the most inventive and touching story lines have come from books in this category.

As an Australian, I also have a passion for books written by Australian authors. I try to promote the Australian book publishing industry other blogs written by Australians.



9 Random Facts about Me:

  • I collect money boxes. I am up to 10 with my favourite being a pink cow my father brought back from Rome, Italy
  • My favourite book is The Princess Bride by William Goldman
  • I love sour skittles
  • Boxed sets are a weakness of mine. I know it doesn’t change the story within the pages at all but I adore books when they come in a boxed set
  • I have studied psychology
  • Giraffes are my favourite animals – and for some reason I am very suspicious of dolphins
  • I love the smell of citrus
  • I am terrible at gardening with a tendency to either over water or under water.
  • I’ve recently taken up crocheting and am starting to accumulate a fairly decent yarn stash.