Book Review: The Silver Sphere by Michael Dadich

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing Michael Dadich’s The Silver Sphere as part of a blog tour hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer. 

Title: The Silver Sphere
Author: Michael Dadich
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Sci-Fi
Publisher: Evolved Publishing
Publication Date: November 2012
Pages: 274
Rating: 3.5 stars

Synopsis (from goodreads):
Shelby Pardow never imagined she could kill someone. All she wants to do is hide from her troubled father when she is teleported to awaiting soldiers on the planet Azimuth. Here she is not a child, but Kin to one of the six Aulic Assembly members whom Malefic Cacoethes has drugged and imprisoned. He seeks to become dictator of this world (and then Earth by proxy). His father, Biskara, is an evil celestial entity, tracked by the Assembly with an armillary device, The Silver Sphere.

With the Assembly now deposed, Biskara directs Malefic and the Nightlanders to their strategic targets. Unless… Can Shelby find the other Kin, and develop courage and combat skills? Can the Kin reassemble in time to release or replace the Assembly, overthrowing Malefic and restraining Biskara?

My Review:

When the call for help comes from another realm – what do you do? That’s the question asked to the characters of the Silver Sphere. On a day when Shelby Pardow flees to the library as a safe haven from her father, a mysterious message on a computer screen asks her assistance and from there she’s drawn into a world of mystery and fantasy. Shelby alongside Zach and other teens now find themselves magically transported into a land where they are all somehow supposed to save the kidnapped protectors of their new world and stop evil from taking over.

This book had my attention from the first page. There’s action from the start and the fast paced nature continued throughout the novel. Written in the third person narrative, the story follows many different characters but it’s never confusing as to which person’s tale we’re reading at any stage of the novel.

In terms of characters – I thought there was a nice contrast between them but at the same time they all have a connection that bonds them together in a way that I enjoyed reading about. Shelby is a strong lead character who could easily let the world get her down but she refuses to let life defeat her.

The world this book is set in is the best part! I loved the mythology, the fantastic villains as well as the earth-born characters interactions with their new world. There’s a lot of detail and everything’s described in a way that makes it feel as if you’re there.

The Silver Sphere is a great fantasy novel with a fascinating new world as well as interesting characters that you can’t wait to see how they tackle what’s next.

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