Impulse by Vanessa Garden

Impulse by Vanessa GardenImpulse by Vanessa Garden
Series: Submerged Sun #2
Also in this series: Captivate
on December 1st 2014
Pages: 284
When Miranda Sun returns to Marin on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, this time of her own free will, she quickly learns that her worst fears have been realised. The glittering underwater city is not as she had left it, nor too is Marko, the young king who has dominated her thoughts and heart for the last twelve months since leaving Marin. Miranda, however, has not made the journey to Marin alone, and now must contend with not only Marko's evil brother Damir but more surprisingly her sister Lauren who has an agenda of her own.  Marko's power begins to wane and with cracks beginning to show in the domed Utopian city, and veiled danger lurking everywhere, she quickly learns that in this dazzling city full of beautiful people she can trust no-one but herself.If Miranda wants to survive, she must decide between the hardened sensibilities in her head and the hungers of her heart. Will her decision cause more heartache or can she help to save Marko's throne?

Miranda Sun has a big decision to make. It has been a year since Robbie returned her to the surface and to her life with her grandparents and older sister, Lauren. Not a day has passed since leaving Marin that she hasn’t thought about the underwater city – and their handsome king, Marko. Making the decision to return to Marin isn’t an easy one but at least this time Miranda will be there on her own terms – as a guest of the king and not as his captive. In the year since Miranda left many things have changed. Marko’s brother Damir is causing disharmony in the dungeons and his sister Sylvia has her own agenda. Miranda knows not all is well with the underwater city and wants to help Marko save his people. This time her time in Marin is more personal than ever with friends in danger and families at the centre of the drama.

It was a pleasure to dive back in and explore the world of Marin with Miranda. She’s a little bit older, a touch wiser and I was eager to see what kind of trouble would find her in the utopian city. Captivate was great at laying the framework for the series and in Impulse the characters and setting truly shine.

Miranda is growing as a person and it is a pleasure to watch as she becomes an adult. She’s not ruled solely by her emotions and there are times when her head is at war with her heart. Her relationships with Marko, Robbie and her family are interesting to read with each one having a different dynamic. Her friendship with Robbie is lovely with their changes in their situations being somewhat heartbreaking. Marko is straining under the weight of his crown but Miranda can see with an outsider’s perspective that his ruling of Marin is what is best for the people. I wasn’t convinced by the romance element in Captivate but in Impulse – I was solved. I loved the development and how the love was more than just a result of two characters being thrown together. They have earned their happily ever after in my eyes.

I don’t want to give too much away except to say I loved the events and drama associated with Marko and Miranda’s families. There is an extra element of realism and emotion not present in the first book and it added a special something to Impulse.

The setting is beautiful and again it was a pleasure getting to experience the underwater city with Miranda. The differences between life on the surface as well as the similarities with our world and Marin were lovely to read and beautifully contrasted. In Impulse we get to find out a few more Marin’s secrets and some of how the magic of the underwater city operates. The pacing was great and I found this novel a much more enjoyable read than the first in the series. Vanessa Garden is really coming into her own as an author!

If you enjoyed Captivate you will love Impulse. There is a touch of mystery, duplicitous characters, a gorgeous setting and a beautiful developing romance. The characters are interesting and the love interests are gorgeous. There’s a magical element of the underwater city along with realistic and relatable family issues. Impulse was a treat to read and I can’t wait to see what comes next for Miranda, Marko and Marin.

Thanks to Harlequin Teen Australia for the review copy. 


  1. I think, by the sounds of it, I’m going to like this one better than I did the first. I’m not sure why I felt like the first in the book felt a little flat to me–the romance, maybe? I think it also bored me at points–but I will still read this one when I have the chance. Wonderful review! 🙂 You’ve convinced me.

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  3. I absolutely love this series! I definitely agree, this book was everything that you could want in a series, and it was a perfect companion to Captivate. I can’t wait to see what happens in the final book! Oh, and I could so see what was going to happen with Lauren. Just saying, I hate her.
    Brilliant review!

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