(Opposites Attract): Misbehaving by Abbi Glines

(Opposites Attract): Misbehaving by Abbi GlinesMisbehaving by Abbi Glines
Series: Sea Breeze #6
Also in this series: Sometimes It Lasts, Until the End
on 2013-12-17
Pages: 304
Get ready for another steamy summer fling from the NYT bestselling author and online sensation, Abbi Glines. Remember rock-star Jax Stone's brother Jason from Breathe? Well now he's got his own story to tell...Jason's had enough of living in his rock star brother's shadow. So when he sets off to Sea Breeze, Alabama, he's looking for a much deserved escape and a chance to blow of some envious steam. But falling for the local bad girl was definitely not the plan. And as the two enjoy some naughty fun in the Alabama sun, Jason learns that though Jax is the musician in the family, he too can just as easily rock someone's world.

Jason Stone is used to girls using him for his famous brother. He’s not used to girls with baseball bats wanting him to be their getaway drivers. Jess is not like other girls he’s been with before. She’s beautiful and smart and finds his money a turn off. Jess has been warned by her mother that boys with money only want one thing. But despite her best attempts, Jess finds herself drawn to Jason. Things aren’t easy when their backgrounds are so different and their past coming back to haunt them. Can their love be enough to keep them together or are their differences too much to overcome?

I liked Jason and Jess’ story. The blurb may make out she’s a bad girl and he’s a good guy and whilst Jess is slightly more edgy than some of Ms. Glines’ other heroines, she wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. She’s had a tough life being raised by a single mother who works in one of the more shady establishments in town. Her boyfriend who she thought would one day be her husband is incapable of being faithful and Jess has had enough. She wants more. And I liked that Jess isn’t the stereotypical “bad girl” I was expecting. She’s got ambition but that drive is stalled by her love for her mother. She’s more complicated than she first seems and I loved how she grew as a character over the course of the novel.

Jason was an interesting character and although I didn’t like him by himself, I liked his chemistry with Jess. He likes to think of himself as different and not like his brother or his brother’s friends – but when it comes down to it he is the same. And whilst this works for the story, the constant reiteration of how he’s different and then his behaviour contradicting that was slightly frustrating.

The plot in Misbehaving was exciting. From the first scene with Jess in the middle of causing criminal damage to the final pages, this is a fun read with something always going on. The general gist of the novel was fairly predictable but offered a few surprises along the way. Abbi Glines books are not ones which you read for crazy and unexpected plot twists. They are books you read for tender moments, sizzling sensuality and lovely romances. Misbehaving delivered on all of those points.

It’s kind of amazing that six months ago I’d not read an Abbi Glines book. Now I’ve read close to a dozen. With each book I read I have a new favourite couple. She writes steamy romances with a lot of sexual tension and real life complications – they are equal parts realistic and daydream fantasy. They all have a lot in common with each other with regards to the males having cave man tendencies and the women running when things get tough – but that said they are different enough to keep me interested and reading book after book. Misbehaving fits perfectly into the world Abbi Glines has created – it’s fun, sexy and has a perfect amount of romance. Having now read Jason’s story – I think I’m going to have to read Jax/Sadie and also Amanda/Preson’s novels! Fans of previous books in the Sea Breeze series are sure to enjoy Jess and Jason’s story!


Thanks to Simon and Schuster Australia for the review copy. 

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  1. I’ve only come across Abbi Glines in the past couple of weeks reading the Rosemary Beach Series. I picked up Breathe the other day, I hope it is as steamy as the Rosemary Beach Series (I ended up really loving Rush!).

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