5 Unpopular Opinions (a literary edition)

Unpopular opinions. I think most of us have them. When we don’t agree with the majority of people with regards to a certain thing. I thought it might be fun to share some book related unpopular opinions I have.


  1. I hated The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.

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Maybe I was too young when I first read it to completely understand the book or grasp the nuances of this book but I just found it boring. The plot (what plot?) didn’t engage me and I thought Holden Caulfield to be exceptionally whiny. Maybe that was part of his charm and it went over my head but I don’t get why so many bloggers I read and admire count this book amongst their all-time favourites.

2. I loved the Percy Jackson films…

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I really liked these movies. I often get told that the films were horrible but I would never have read the books had I not seen the films. I’m a little saddened that they aren’t going to continue making them. I think part of this might be my age. I was in my twenties when I saw The Lightning Thief and I liked the slight changes made (like Percy and his crew being a little older) as they felt more believable to me. I stand by my love of these films. They are what kept me reading Rick Riordan and I’m glad I did because Magnus Chase is epic.

3. I liked the ending of the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth.

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When you form relationships with characters, have strong feelings towards them and feel emotionally invested in their stories – it’s a little confronting/upsetting/heartbreaking when the authors take them in a direction you may not have been expecting. When it came to Allegiant, I liked how things ended up because it felt right to me. I know many were devastated and felt cheated by the ending but I was glad that the author made what some would call a risky move.

4. I hate epilogues

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I’m not a big fan of epilogues because I often feel they bring down the ending. I like to live in an alternate universe where most of them don’t exist. For me, that nineteen years later business in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows doesn’t exist 😛

5. I find Lord of the Rings to be boring…

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I still haven’t finished it. And I’ve been trying for almost two decades! I haven’t finished The Hobbit either…

But I saw the Lord of the Rings trilogy and only fell asleep twice… so that counts, right?



What are some of your unpopular opinions?

Are there any books everyone you know seems to adore but you don’t love? What about the other way – what book did you like but no one else seems to agree?

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