(Challenge): 1987 Bestselling Novels…. and have they stood the test of time?

As much as I love reading new releases, there are times when I crave a well-written novel which has stood the test of time.

The other day as I was busy working (aka. procrastinating online) I came across a list of the New York Times best sellers the week I was born. It turns out of the top 15 novels the week of my birth, I’ve only heard of two of them. And of those I haven’t read either.

So I’ve decided to set myself a challenge. By November I want to have read at least ten of these books and see just how interesting/relevant they are to audiences today.

Added bonus – it’s Lifeline Bookfest weekend! I love going to lifeline book fests where books are such good value and all the proceeds go to the Lifeline charity. (Link to Lifeline Bookfest Gold Coast)

I’m optimistic I can pick up a few books on this list this weekend!


First up: Misery by Stephen King

I’ve never actually finished a Stephen King novel before despite starting quite a few. This may be a bit of an odd challenge but there are a few authors here that I’ve always wanted to read and just never gotten around to reading before.

You can find the best selling lists all the way back to the 1950’s here: http://www.hawes.com/pastlist.htm

Have you read any of the books on my birthweek list? What was the number 1 book the week you were born? Have you ever issued yourself a slightly bizarre reading challenge? 


  1. I read Misery back then.
    I have read other Tom Wolfe books. I started that one, but I don’t think I finished it.
    I remember reading a Tom Clancy novel back then, but I forget which one.
    Neat discussion post!

  2. Ohhh, this is AWESOME Kate! I want to do this too (although I’ll have to go back to 1980 though. I wish we had one that was just Aussie titles, I feel they’d be much more relatable that books from the US from that era. Might see if I can find something by Googling. You should make this a challenge for others to join too, so many would be loving this one <3 <3 Brilliant idea!

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