The 2014 Eclectic Reader Challenge

The Eclectic Reader Challenge hosted by Shelleyrae @ book’d out


This challenge is to try to get readers to branch out and read a book from twelve different genres over the course of the year.

I was very proud of myself for completing this challenge last year – although I wasn’t quick as motivated to actually enter my links of the challenge page (whoops!). But since this is essentially a challenge against yourself and I read all twelve categories, I’m still fairly impressed without myself.

The genres for the 2014 challenge are:

  1. Award Winning
  2. True Crime (Non Fiction)
  3. Romantic Comedy
  4. Alternate History Fiction
  5. Graphic Novel
  6. Cosy Mystery Fiction
  7. Gothic Fiction
  8. War/Military Fiction
  9. Anthology
  10. Medical Thriller Fiction
  11. Travel (Non Fiction)
  12. Published in 2014

There are a few genres here that I’m a little worried about. I don’t read very much non-fiction because I’ve not come across all that many that I enjoy although #11 should be a breeze because I love travel memoirs. I think I’ll have to google a few of these genres (like cosy mystery and alternative history) but I’m excited to expand my boundaries and read things out of my general scope.

I will list my progress here. All reviews for books which fall under young adult will be posted on the blog and those not quite YA will be on goodreads but I’ll link up here.

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