Movie Talk: Who is your OBSIDIAN dream cast?

Over the past few days there has been some big talk about the YA paranormal romance Lux series being acquired by Sierra Pictures. Obsidian, the first in the series written by Jennifer L Armentrout, tells the story of Katy, a teenager who moves to the middle of nowhere only to get sucked into the world of aliens. Add to that a very hot young alien by the name of Daemon, his twin sister Dee and a whole bunch of other supernatural beings… oh… it’s very exciting! 😛 I know so many people who adore these book and will no doubt be excited by the news.


Check out Jennifer’s blog post about her series being optioned for a movie!!  (be warned – it’s full of so many fangirlyly awesome gifs and excitement!)


And it got me thinking.

We all have dream casts for books that we’ve loved and I was wondering: What is your dream cast for Obsidian?

Before things get into production and you’re influenced by who is actually cast (if it gets that far… fingers crossed!) who is your ideal Katy and Daemon?!

Feel free to let me know!

Onyx (Lux, #2)Opal (Lux, #3)Origin (Lux, #4)

And if you’ve not heard of this series before – be sure to check out my reviews of Obsidian, Onyx and Opal!


    • It seems every YA book I read is getting optioned for a movie. It’s pretty exciting! I’m terrible at casting.. because if I had my way Henry Cavill would play every role ever…. despite the fact that he’s way too old to be playing a teenager. But I think I’d pick Lucy Hale to play Katy. No idea bout Daemon. I’ve heard people suggest Pepe – the cover model. He certainly looks the part 😛

      • Henry Cavil xD I feel that way about some actors too. Lucy Hale is a great choice! I think the cover model would actually be a good pick too haha

  1. I can picture Jessica Parker Kennedy as Katy! but i dont know who would play daemon=/ i like Jessica for Katy though because she as big eyes and lips and the right hair color that’s described for Katy.

  2. Not today be insulting, or anything, but why is Max Irons so popular? And, for the casting, I would pick someone who is thebsame age as Katy, because moving is a new experience and you can coach youger people easier. As for Daemon, I have, like, no clue. Why don’t you just ask the cover guy on her book? Assuming you know who he is,oc course. I don’t.

  3. Please have a younger guy playing deamon, not a mid twenty guy, that doesnt fit the desciption. There is plenty of dark hair hot men out therr. Also he should have longer wavy dark stlyed ha oi r not really short, the cute messes kind. And oh Katy should have medium light to medium brown hair and she shouldn’t be perfectly pretty but she should be pretty but not model looking. if that the description

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