The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 91-100!

It’s Friday! And that means that it’s time for my last recap and review of The Lizzie Bennet DiariesThat’s right – this week is the last ten episodes of the Lizzie Bennet diaries! 

That’s right – this is the LAST TEN EPISODES of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries! And despite the fact that these finished screening months ago – I”M STILL EXCITED! because that’s just how this web series makes me feel. After so many episodes I feel justified in being just the tiniest bit emotionally involved in these fictional characters.

Note: This week all my links for the videos will direct you directly to YouTube.


She may have graduated from the Green Bean Gelatin Plan, but Mrs Bennet is still up to her old matchmaking tricks (How About That – Episode 91). Jane and Bing have agreed to be friends but the matriarch of the Bennet family still imagine something more… and tries to direct their lives by inviting Bing to every single family dinner. Mom is in full mom force and Bing is central to all awkwardness. Jane’s new news may change everything.

Costume theatre clarifies the situation with Jane playing Bing and Lizzie getting her Mrs Bennet on!

Costume theatre clarifies the situation with Jane playing Bing and Lizzie getting her Mrs Bennet on!

New York New York! Leaving tomorrow for a new job in a new city, Lizzie is trying to be upbeat and optimistic about Jane moving thousands of miles away (Goodbye Jane – Episode 92). But before we say goodbye to the oldest Bennet sister, there is some more drama to be had with Bing stopping by and dropping a bombshell. He’s not asking her to stay… he’s asking to go with her!

Look who’s back! (Episode 93). With Game of Gourds finally finished, Charlotte is back in town to visit her family and to help Lizzie come to terms with just what she should do next after graduation.

Still recovering after the scandal, Lydia has something she wants to share with Lizzie and the viewers (Revelations – Episode 94). The mystery person who put a stop to the tape going viral was none other than Mr William Darcy! *shock!*.

Ep 94 - Revelations

“My name is Lizzie Bennet and I am so glad for Jane and Bing.. or as Lydia would say – Jing!”

Episode 95 brings a confrontation as Caroline Lee makes a surprise visit the Lizzie’s den. It’s a bit of a stand-off and Caroline blames Lizzie of being the reason why Bing has run off to New York and accuses her of seducing Darcy!

Lizzie is confused (Talking to myself – Episode 96). And without Jane to talk things out with her she feels a little at odds… not even costume theatre with Lizzie portraying Jane, Gigi, Charlotte and herself sheds any light on the situation. Maybe it’s time she takes the first step and reaches out to Darcy?

It’s Lizzie and Charlotte’s 25th birthday (Special Delivery – Episode 97)! A very important year to be sure. Charlotte brings up Lizzie’s thesis again – just to make sure viewers are aware there’s more going on in Lizzie’s life than just Jing! drama and the mysterious Darcy…

Ep 97 - Special Delivery

After weeks of second guessing herself and wondering why all she was receiving from Darcy was silence, he appears on her doorstep (Gratitude – Episode 98)! Oh my… he got her voice-mail and wanted to return the greeting to her in person! It seems that Lizzie wasn’t the only on who was confused… but in the end – Lizzie and Darcy are FINALLY on the same page!!!

That’s right! Lizzie and Darcy are now officially together (Future Talk – Episode 99)! And after being together for a week it’s time for the talk – the one about just what the future holds for them.

And now we’re up to the 100th – and FINAL – episode of the Lizzie Bennet diaries (The End – Episode 100)! That’s right! After a year and a hundred episodes, Lizzie feels like this is a good place to stop before she moves on with the next chapter of her life.

“My name is Lizzie Bennet and thank you for watching my videos”

And that’s it. Ten weeks of my recaps and a hundred episodes of Lizzie showcasing her life – and those of her friends and family – for all to see. I love this story – and I’m delighted to see how it stood up with regards to the Jane Austen original. It was both true to old and a brilliant new take on the classic story. The characters were cast perfectly – being authentic and original – and it was written beautifully.

And whilst that’s all there is to the LBD, the creators have made a new series, Sanditon, featuring Gigi Darcy which is a vlog adaptation of an unfinished Jane Austen work.

So please, leave me a comment and tell me what you think. Did you like this vlog adaptation of a classic novel? Who was your favourite character? Anyone you despised? Were you satisfied with the ending?

Thanks for reading and being a part of my Friday feature 🙂


  1. Aw, LBD. I loved the webisodes. I have a friend that got me hooked. Now I have to tell him about Sandition. That sounds really good. I will have to check it out. I still have to read that one. I read Lady Susan and thought it was ok. Her longer novels are much better and more together.

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