The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 51-60

It’s Friday again so that means that here on whYAnot it’s time for another watch and review for The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

Okay, so I missed last week. Sometimes life just gets too busy and then you can’t find enough time to watch YouTube! Don’t you just hate that? So now this week I’m discussing episodes 51 through 60..

NOTE: The links below in the episode titles will take you to the video for the episode on the Lizzie Bennet Diaries website so you can watch and join the fun.

Ep 51 - Together Again!

It’s official. Lizzie and Charlotte are Together Again! In the offices of Collins & Collins, Lizzie and Charlotte reconcile their feud and are best friends forever again! Ricky stops by and dangles a proposition in front of Lizzie that might just be too good to pass up on.

In Better Living, Lizzie tries to work out what she really wants in life – With Charlotte and Jane gone is there any point in going home? But never fear! No matter where Lizzie goes she will always bring her role playing cloths with her.

“My name is Lizzie Bennet and tomorrow I dine with royalty!” (Episode 53: Royal Dining) But Lizzie’s invitation to eat with Catherine de Bourgh comes with a list of behaviour suggestions complied by Mr Collins. Lizzie is slightly nervous but thankfully Ricky is around to put her at ease with a tour of the office…

"Have you seen my office? Its view of the car park is... breathtaking"

“Have you seen my office? Its view of the car park is… breathtaking”

After meeting Catherine de Bourgh and acquainting herself with Annie Kins, Lizzie is horrified to find out that Ms de Bourgh’s nephew is none other than William Darcy. Yes – that William Darcy. Lizzie has no idea why everyone she loves seems to be somehow associated with Mr Darcy. And never one to let an opportunity to dress up pass by, Lizzie shows us just what she thought about the infamous Ms. Catherine de Bourgh.

Lizzie as Ms de Bourgh and her tiny asthmatic dog...

Lizzie as Ms de Bourgh and her tiny asthmatic dog…

Alone at the office on a Sunday, Lizzie goes a little crazy (Robot Surprise). And not just because she finds out that Ms. de Bourgh’s new consultant is none other than Mr William Darcy… Lizzie wonders if Darcy is really a robot with a malfunctioning social interaction program…

More surprising than Darcy turning up at Collins & Collins is that his friend Fitz is surprisingly fun! Lizzie has found A New Buddy! Upon finding out about Lizzie’s vlog, he insists on being featured in them and even takes on Darcy in one of Lizzie’s interactions.

Meet Fitz!

Meet Fitz!

In Episode 57, Lizzie is Weirded Out. At the office on a Sunday and Charlotte in meetings, an unexpected visit from Darcy is the last thing she was expecting. And an awkward and nervous Darcy? Even weirder.

In an attempt to help cheer Jane up, Lizzie enlists new buddy Fitz to help her make some  Care Packages for her broken hearted sister. In the middle of packaging up some fun! food and love, Fitz unintentionally drops a bomb and spills the beans on just who was to blame for Bing’s spontaneous relocation to Los Angeles…

Fitz brings the Fun!

Fitz brings the Fun!

Still reeling from the most recent Darcy Development, Lizzie is devastated in Staff Spirit . It’s been three days of avoiding him and trying to hold in her murderous rage focused in Darcy’s direction.

Are you kidding me! is probably one of the most anticipated episodes to date – it’s a first full on Darcy sighting! And oh my… does he drop a bombshell! In addition, he shows that perhaps Lizzie’s impression of him may not be all that far from the mark when he manages to both insult her family and compliment Lizzie all in the same breath.

The One, The Only, Mr William Darcy!

The One, The Only, Mr William Darcy!

I loved this series of ten episodes. Each one adds critical plot developments and culminates with the introduction of Mr William Darcy – I’ll admit I fan-girled just a little. These episodes had some of my favourite moments – the introduction of Fitz, Charlotte and Mr Collin’s Halloween costumes, and that all important Darcy sighting. But more than that, they are just so brilliantly put together. The consistency of characters, costume changes and the adherence to the original story. I fell a little more in love with this web series this week.

Coinciding with these ten episodes are some more Lydia Bennet episodes and a Lizzie Q&A with new buddy, Fitz. Links to those are below.


    • I am loving them. And it’s weird – I feel like I should know what will happen next as I am a Pride and Prejudice fan and yet I get surprised all the time. It’s fantastic and I’m already dreading finishing the series!

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