Same same but different…

Time is strange.

In some ways it feels like only a few weeks since I last posted here but dates don’t lie and in actuality it’s been years. Years!

I’ve gotten a little older. Hopefully a little wiser. But definitely still the same book loving person I’ve always been.

My tastes have changed. I find myself not reaching for the newest young adult novels anymore and more drawn to other types of fiction – especially historical romances. And a new found obsession with Korean dramas.

I’ve decided to start posting my Fictional Thoughts again and just having fun with reading again.

If you’re still reading here – Hi! Thanks for sticking around and spending time with me. And if you’re new I appreciate you giving my little book blog a go.

IF anyone has any recommendations of books I should try feel free to leave me a comment.

Happy reading! And here’s to making old past times new again. Bring on the books!

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