Top Ten Tuesday: Things Books Make Me Want to Do!

It’s Tuesday! And that means it’s time to participate in the meme created by Broke and Bookish where bloggers share their top ten based on a given topic.

Today’s Topic is: Top Ten Things Books Have Made Me Want To Do or Learn About After Reading Them


Sounds like fun 😀 Books always make me want to do things… which is normal, right?

My Top Ten things Books have Made me want to do:

1. See the world. Travel. I swear, every time I read a book set somewhere I’m not, it gives me CRAZY wanderlust. I read Outlander and I want to move to Scotland. After Anna and the French Kiss I was looking up accommodation in Paris. I was flicking through my copy of Chasing River the other day to review it and I had the urge to pack my bags and fly off to Ireland. Don’t get me started on Happy People Read and Drink Coffee which simultaneously made me want to jet off to both Paris AND Ireland…Not to mention all the thousands of books I’ve read set in the US which have me imaginary planning my dream vacation there… For a while romance novels had me absolutely convinced I wouldn’t be happy unless I went to New Orleans… I’m kind of hopeless. But I love to travel and reading books where the setting is so vivid and real it is almost a character in itself? They make me want to GO THERE!

2. Cook. I like to cook (okay mostly I just bake but there is an oven involved so it still counts) and when something is mentioned in a book and it sounds either delicious or interesting – I have to give it a go. I read Maggie’s Kitchen by Caroline Beecham recently and it gave me a craving for a Welsh Rarebit… so I gave it a go. It was pretty delicious.

Best thing a book ever inspired me to make? Cinnamon scrolls from scratch. They were kind of amazing.

3. Slam Poetry. I’m not a poet but after reading Slammed by Colleen Hoover I was fascinated. Since there was a local slam competition in my area a few days after I read it, I decided to go check it out. And it was a lot of fun. There was an energy in the room and I even got to be one of the judges 😀 Slam poetry isn’t my thing but I never would have gone to the competition had a book not inspired me to do so.

4 and 5. Watch more movies/read more books. I don’t watch a lot of movies. I think I can count all the ones I’ve seen in the past two years on my fingers (and that counts having a Star Wars marathon and watching all 7 films in two days).

But when characters are obsessed with a certain movie – then I want to watch that film. It’s kind of fun watching ones I’ve seen before but with a different perspective. Even if that perspective is from a fictional character.

Same thing with books. I was reading a book fairly recently and the main character was obsessed with Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I really liked what she thought of the book and by likening the classic novel with her own life made me want to go back to the original text and see what she was talking about first hand. I can’t remember what the name of that book was… sometimes I’m a bad book blogger…

6. Host a book club. Every now and then I read a book and I want to share my love. Or my lack of love. And the internet is awesome that that. But I think I would love to sit around with some wine, good books and friends. If only my friends loved to read…

7. Have a once in a lifetime adventure. I read a lot of travel memoirs. Books written by people who go overseas and have one of those life experiences people like me dream of. I remember being really moved by Nellie Bennet’s Only in Spain. She essentially packed up her life in Australia to move to Spain and dance flamenco. It’s just… insane. Logically I’m way too shy and scared to do anything that crazy but it’s something I dream of doing and reading books by people who have done just that really inspire me.

8. Write a book. I don’t know why but reading books makes me want to write one. So I am. Currently about half way into my second draft of what is probably the worst book in the world but I’m having a lot of fun with it.

9. Be a spy. I once used an underwire from a bra to pick a lock after I read it in a book. Almost broke the lock but managed to do it in the end. Using bobby pins is a much better option. I love spy/private eye type books not just for the thrilling adventures but for the more practical skills.

10. Learn archery. There was a whole number of books I read a few years ago which made me want to learn to use a bow and arrow. The Hunger Games, Blood Song, Grave Mercy, Graceling, Immortals after Dark, and half a dozen historical romance novels – they all seemed to have archer heroines and yes – made me want to learn despite having next to zero hand eye coordination.


There’s my list for this week 😀

What things have books made you want to learn? Have you taken any lessons or done anything out of your ordinary because a book inspired you to? Feel free to leave me a comment 😀


    • IT really does. It probably depends on the type of bra wire. I used an old bra which had broken. Snapped the wire into two and straighten it out. It took a while but worked in the end. But I’ve done it with bobby pins too and that’s just so much easier! There are a few brilliant youtube tutorials for it which I used to learn. Not sure why this would ever come in handy but I feel a little accomplished for now knowing how to do it.

  1. Archery would be awesome and so would hosting a book club. I’ve always thought that would be fun… and if a movie is referenced in a book it does kinda make me want to see it (especially if it’s one I already like or is a cult favorite).

    I just finished a book set in France and Scotland so yeah travel definitely. 🙂

  2. I’m completely amazed that you picked a lock with your underwire! That’s amazing! That sounds like a skill I really need to know. Books always make me want to travel. I feel like I’ve spent so much time in England and Ireland when I’ve never actually been. I have been to New Orleans though. I used to go a lot because my grandparents only live about an hour away. It’s a pretty town and absolutely fascinating but most books I’ve read make it sound much cleaner with way less people trying to scam tourists out of their money than it actually is.

  3. Joining a book club was probably one of the best life decisions I’ve made in the last 5 years. I don’t know what part of the world you’re in, but you should look on the Forever Young Adult blog and see if they have a book club near you (if not, you can send them an email and they’ll help you put one together). It’s the BEST time getting together w/ book lovers and just nerding out over good food and drinks 🙂 That’s so cool about your book!! I’m glad you’re having fun w/ it and I hope the best for your writing future!! I would love to write… but I’m a terrible self-loather and hate everything I try to do that is artsy in any way 🙁

  4. Yes! Reading definitely makes one want to travel. You feel like you know places you have never been to.;)
    Some books make me want to cook/bake. I would love to learn how to make pastries.;)

  5. Sense and Sensibility is my favorite Austen (I’m weird) so the when I was reading about the book you mention I was thinking “Ooh I wonder what that book is…” and then laughed like a banshee when you said you couldn’t remember…. I totally know how that is:). Books definitely make me want to travel too.

  6. Ahhh! SO many great things on this list, Kate. After movies like THG or ‘The Avengers,’ I’ve been interested in archery as a skill, but well, I suppose it’s not practical (thank goodness I don’t live in Katniss’ world!). I’d love to write a novel too; I have some started, but haven’t finished one. Someday I should. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting Finding Wonderland.

  7. I love your list. I want to do many of these too! Travel, for sure. Slam Poetry hadn’t crossed my mind, but now that you mention it–most definitely. I wasn’t familiar with Slam Poetry until a couple years ago. Talk about late to the party. I don’t know that I would be any good at it, but I love the idea and seeing people in action. I’m right there with you on wanting to be a spy! Haha. It likely isn’t something I would do well, but one can dream, right?

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