Guest Post by Cody Stewart, author of Shade

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Welcome to my stop on the Shade blog tour hosted by YA Reads. Today I’m very lucky to have author Cody Stewart sharing a guest post featuring a playlist which helped him write Shade.

Guest Post by Cody Stewart, Author of Shade

This playlist helped transplant me into Clendon Kiernan’s mind and the world of Ellis. Both are being torn about by secrets and guilt and struggling with their own dark natures. The tone of the playlist suggests their dark natures win.

Evil by Shovels & Rope: This is my theme song for Shade. It suits the gritty small town atmosphere of Ellis. The hook perfectly captures Clen’s struggle throughout the book – “Sometimes, I get a little bit evil”.

Oceans & Streams by The Black Keys: This song could pour right out of Clen’s head. Crushing guilt, death, and a growing apathy.

Troubles of Mine by The North & South Dakotas: Theme song of the Pines. I can hear it echoing off the rusted aluminum siding of the Pines Trailer Park. They’re also a great band from the neighboring county.

The Woodpile by Frightened Rabbit: I totally love this band. This song is a perfect anthem to launch into the dark, moody shift of the rest of the playlist.

Arsonist’s Lullaby by Hozier: This haunting tune draws a perfect correlation between Clen and Aidan. It could easily be referring to either of them. One more metaphorically than the other.

Hunger of the Pine by alt-J: This song is always playing in the back of Ollie’s mind, like a persistent reminder of the legacy he’s inherited.

Haunt by Bastille: Anthem of the romantic relationships in Shade.

Wild by Beach House: We’re moving in the final act, and things are about to get wild.

Push the Sky Away by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds: The darkest, moodiest song on the whole list.

Disarm by The Civil Wars: I imagine this song playing over that moment at the end when Clen’s life changes forever, when he realizes who he really is. The sound of the scene drops out. Everything moves in slow motion. Everything falls apart.

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Guest Post by Cody Stewart, author of ShadeShade
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Clendon Kiernan has always preferred the shadows. A place where he was free from the hate and fear, from the stares and ridicule of others. One night Clen discovers the shocking truth of why. He is a Shade. A thing of darkness. A creature with the ability to shred souls. When a vile whisper tells him to destroy everything around him Clen does the only thing he can.
But he cannot run from himself. The darkness growing inside Clen will soon consume him if he does not learn to control it. In his quest to do so, Clen learns that there is an entire world that exists in the shadows of Ellis, a world that has been hidden from him – secret clans with extraordinary abilities, the ghosts of a hidden past, and a war that’s been brewing for millennia. Clen must uncover the true history of Ellis, see through the generations of lies and deceit, and suffer betrayal and heartbreak if he is to save all those who hate and fear him. But when he learns the truth, will he want to?
The darkness in him could save Ellis. Or it could be what destroys it.
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Thanks Coby so much for taking the time to share with us your Shade playlist! I have to admit I’m a huge Nick Cave fan and I’m delighted to see they feature on the playlist!
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