(Ancient Artefacts, Atlantis and Adventure): The Broken Sun by Darrell Pitt

(Ancient Artefacts, Atlantis and Adventure): The Broken Sun by Darrell PittThe Broken Sun by Darrell Pitt
Series: Jack Mason Adventures #3
Also in this series: The Firebird Mystery, The Secret Abyss
on 22nd October 2014
Pages: 304
When The Broken Sun, an ancient artefact said to lead to the lost city of Atlantis, is stolen from the British Museum, Jack, Scarlet and Mr Doyle embark on a hunt across Europe to find it.

But just as the artefact is within reach, their beloved secretary is mysteriously poisoned.

In their race against time to find the antidote, the team uncovers a deadly plan, to attack the Houses of Parliament.

Though no one has banked on another shocking discovery - that Mr Doyle's long-dead son may still be alive...

Jack Mason, the somewhat eccentric consulting detective Mr Doyle, and Scarlet Bell are back on the job. This time they are led into a mystery involving an ancient device which could possibly lead to the legendary land of Atlantis. But this time things are a little more personal. Mr Doyle receives information which indicates that his dearly departed son (Phillip) might not be as long gone as believes. And it seems that there may be a connection between Phillip Doyle and whoever is behind the missing artefact.

This third instalment of the Jack Mason Adventures is jam-packed with everything I’ve come to love about the series. There’s a fantastic mix of mystery, eccentricity, and lint covered pocket cheese. The Broken Sun is an exciting read with many twists along the way. Jack and Scarlet are growing up and their growth is evident in the book but they still manage to bring their childhood excitement and thirst for adventure.

Mr Doyle always manages to surprise me and I was adored how The Broken Sun gave us more about the brilliant detective. There are a few new characters introduced which added much appreciated information about Mr Doyle’s past as well as gave some insight as to how he became the man he is today.

There’s a lot of action in The Broken Sun with Jack and his colleagues getting in just as much trouble as in the previous two novels. From being stranded in the middle of nowhere, trapped in burning buildings and many more impossible scenarios – there is never a dull moment for the detective and his two budding apprentices. The Brinkie Buckeridge references were plenty and as a reader they added an extra something to the story for me.

If you are a fan of the first two Jack Mason Adventure novels – you will love The Broken Sun. It was my favourite book of the series so far. There’s great character development and dozens of death-defying situations you can’t imagine how the trio will manage to survive.


Thanks to Text Publishing for the review copy. 

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