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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they will post a new Top Ten list that one of their bloggers over at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join.

The topic for this week isTop Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want To Read (books you may have bought but aren’t sure if you are into it anymore, books you wanted to read but heard mixed things about, hyped books you aren’t sure about — basically any book that has you going, “TO READ OR NOT TO READ?”

My problem is that I’m a bit of a book hoarder. I seem to buy a lot more than I read and as a result have many on my shelves that have been there for years and I’ve not got around to reading quite yet.

MY list this week is books that I’ve bought but I’m not sure if I should make the time to read them because I’m not quite sure the are my thing.

  1. Hush Hush by Becca Fitzgerald – I own the entire series but I’ve been put off by many of the reviews I’ve read. Angel books in general are not my thing but recently I’ve read some fantastic ones (like the Rephaim series or the Avena series) but I’m hesitant to read Hush Hush.

    Hush, Hush (Hush, Hush, #1)

  2. Tiger’s Quest by Colleen Houck – This book was on sale so I snapped it up but now I can’t find a copy of the first book in the series. This seems to happen to me quite a bit. I buy a book and then have to quest to find the previous ones in the series.

    Tiger's Quest (The Tiger Saga, #2)

  3. Venom by Fiona Paul

    Venom (Secrets of the Eternal Rose, #1)

  4. Gone by Michael Grant

    Gone (Gone, #1)

  5. Evernight series by Claudia Gray – I must have really wanted to read this one because I have the entire series and not one but two copies of the first book. I’ve heard that it’s a great series for fans of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series and maybe that’s what’s keeping this series on my to-read list rather than have read.

    Evernight (Evernight, #1)

  6. Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles – I’ve never read a Simone Elkeles novel and yet own three of them. I heard good things but got 10% into Perfect Chemistry and couldn’t finish it.

    Wild Cards (Wild Cards, #1)

  7. White Teeth by Zadie Smith – I picked up a copy of this book for $2 and I’d heard great things. It won all sorts of awards and I remember them mentioning it once on Vicar of Dibley. But I’ve never read it.

    White Teeth

  8. Thoughtless by SC Stephens – I have the first two books in this series but at the time I wasn’t a fan of New Adult novels. So why did I buy them? I have absolutely no idea.

    Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1)

  9. The Pledge by Kimberley Derting – I love the idea of this book but I’m a little worried it won’t live up to the hype which was surrounding it when I picked up a copy.

    The Pledge (The Pledge, #1)

  10. The Casual Vacancy by JK Rowling – Like many people I bought a copy of The Casual Vacancy the day it was released… and then never read it. Maybe it’s because the cover reminds me of vegemite, maybe it’s that after 20 pages I decided to set it aside for something a bit more action packed. I’m not entirely sure. But this is another book I own and have yet to read.

    The Casual Vacancy



Have you read any of the books on my list? Are there any you think I should stop avoiding and read already? Feel free to leave me a comment. Happy Tuesday! 🙂 

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  1. I’m the same with Venom – I own a copy but it will probably sit there for a while longer since I have no motivation to read it any time soon. As for The Casual Vacancy, I actually REALLY loved it – gave me a massive book hangover for days and days. But it definitely doesn’t have much action in it 🙂

    • I bought Venom because it was pretty – that’s right. I judge books based on their covers! And then whenever I see the next book (I think t’s called Belladonna or something) I’m tempted to buy it too but I have to stop buying books I don’t read. I’m glad you liked the Casual Vacancy. I do like the hardcoverness of it. I should put aside some time to start reading it properly and see if it grows on me. Thanks for the comment, Emily 🙂

  2. I’ve only read one book on your list. I’ve read The Casual Vacancy, and I wasn’t that impressed. Part of me wonders though, if I had too high expectations for it, because it was J.K Rowling. I have The Pledge on my TBR list, but again, it’s a series and I’m not sure I want to invest in more series! It does sound really good though.

  3. Hmm well to be honest I think The VIolet Eden Chapters are a much better Angel story, however I also think that Hush Hush series doesn’t connect you as much to the characters in the later books, however it has a much better ending than the Fallen series in my opinion.
    EVernight is much better than Twilight. I actually love the Evernight story. It has a lot more about the past and the future, although I have to admit that the last book can weird in places because it involves the undead, like actually the dead who are undead and what not. But it’s actually a lot better than some of the reviews suggest, give the series a try!
    Great post!
    I have some books waiting for me too. 🙂

    • The Violet Eden books are great! I’m an all round Jessica Shirvington fan! It’s sad to see that Hush Hush wasn’t that good for you.
      Evernight does sound interesting… I should probably make the time to start the series one of these days. Thanks for visiting! 😀

  4. I think you are right to steer clear of Hush Hush and Gone. Hush Hush was terrible I would advocate the burning of all copies of that book it made me so irate reading it. Gone was ok but it was just a bit too gruesome – I read the first two and couldn’t bring myself to pick up past that!

    As an aussie I agree with the poster above – definitely reading the violet eden chapters it is such an awesome angel series! So is the Unearthly series – both have average first books but then they just get soo good 🙂

    • I’ve never burnt a book… although there have been some that have tempted me. I’ll consider myself warned if I ever decided to read Hush Hush. And agreed – The Violet Eden books are GREAT!
      I liked Unearthly. I read the entire trilogy in a matter of days and thought it was different enough from ones I’ve read before that kept it enjoyable. 🙂

  5. I can really recommend White Teeth. It is so cinematic in it’s expanse and coverage of the two families through the decades. I loved this book!
    I couldn’t get into The Casual Vacancy. I tried but it really wasn’t my thing.

  6. I really enjoyed the first book in the hush, hush series. But then they just went downhill and I still haven’t finished reading finale.
    Also the Gone series were a miss with me, I tried so hard to get into it. But it fell totally flat. Halfway through I stopped reading it because I got bored.

  7. I wasn’t a huge fan of Gone, and I never did get around to continuing the series. It was really, really out there for me. However, there’s a pretty interesting storyline going on, and it might be worth reading to figure things out.

    • Sometimes I need to wait until a series is finished before I start it. Because if i can get the next book right away I’m a lot more likely to finish it rather than having to wait till release and then keep the interest up over years. Especially when sometimes there are books which are more filler or bridging than great in their own rights.

  8. I decided from the beginning not to bother with The Casual Vacancy. I’m not interested in it, I guess!
    As for Gone, it’s been on my TBR since I first heard of it three years ago, but I still haven’t read it. I don’t know why I keep putting it off!

  9. I totally do the same thing re: buying a bunch of books I *think* I’m dying to read… and then just not. I had the same thing happen with Hush Hush – I heard really good things, but then I started to hear really bad things. I’ve never really gotten into angel storylines (I don’t even like it in Supernatural, and at least there it comes with the hotness that is Dean) so I keep putting it off.
    Ditto White Teeth. I have had a copy of it lying around for absolutely ages, and I’ve even tried to read it a few times, but I never seem to be able to get into it. I don’t remember them mentioning it on TVoD, I’m going to have to re-watch and look for it (also LOVE that you even know what that show is! Normally if I mention it the response is *blink blink*).
    I have to admit that I also have been meaning to read The Casual Vacancy for years and haven’t tackled it yet either. Then The Cuckoo’s Calling was outed as Rowling and I skipped TCV and went straight to that one…. which I also didn’t finish. Oops!

    • I have a weird relationship with Supernatural. I can’t keep up if I watch one episode a week. I find it boring and just awful. But if I marathon it and watch a series in a few days – It’s the best show ever! YEah.. odd.

      It was only casually mentioned in Vicar of Dibley – Geraldine was hosting a bookclub at David’s house and that was the book they were reading. But they kept getting distracted and no one – not even Geraldine had read it.

      I gave my mum a copy of The Cuckoo’s Calling a few weeks ago. I’m waiting to hear what she thought before giving it a go. She hates Harry Potter and everything to do with it so I haven’t told her who the real author was 😛

  10. Okay, first of all you HAVE to read The Tiger’s Curse series! It is my ALL TIME favorite series. I have seen the first book on Book Outlet every once in a while for just a couple dollars so keep your eyes peeled for it or maybe check with your library? Anyway, do it on that one totally! Evernight was a so so series for me. I honestly don’t even remember if I finished it. I know Hush Hush is a favorite for a lot of people and I know I read the first 2 but I remember nothing about them and don’t know why I didn’t finish the series. Really great list today! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. I’m struggling with the whole idea of J.K. Rowling writing non-Harry Potter books. I know it’s the same medium and all but it feels a little like when an actor decides to have a singing career. I do the same thing with buying books that I just HAVE to have and then letting them sit. For years sometimes.

  12. OMG YES! VEGEMITE. I always wondered what I found odd about that cover…or MacDonalds, to be honest. It’s not the prettiest cover around, I guess. 😉 I haven’t finished Harry Potter yet, but I can imagine it’d be hard to switch trains of thought and read something completely different by JK Rowling. I’m not sure I ever will, but that’s mostly because I don’t click very well with adult books. (I’ve tried! I just…argh.) You and me both for Hush, Hush too. I don’t mind angel books, I just don’t like dodgy books…and I’ve heard it’s dodgy more than once.
    I love Gone but I can definitely see why it wouldn’t be for everyone. 😉

    • You haven’t finished Harry Potter? For some reason that surprises me… although I just learned you haven’t read Daughter of Smoke and Bone so you’re just shocking me all around today, Cait!
      And yeah, dodgy books are bad. I’ve come to realize if it’s well written I can read and like anything even when typically it’s not my thing. Shall have to try Gone one of these days 🙂

  13. Personally I was really bored and just not impressed by Hush Hush, but the Gone series is one of my favorites! You have to be patient about all the switching pov’s, but the content is super fast paced and the story is super unique!!

  14. I am with you on Hush Hush and The Casual Vacancy. I feel very “meh” toward them. I do want to read The Pledge, but it isn’t super high on my list. And Gone.. ugh. I have a bit of an issue with Gone. It isn’t that it’s bad or anything, but it’s tedious. It could be much shorter than it is. And then it’s SIX books? All being just as long? That just seems like a lot for one series. I kind of wish I hadn’t started at this point.

  15. I loved Hush, Hush when I read it! But I honestly cannot remember what happened in the book. Lol, just bits and pieces. I’d probably need a refresher if I ever decided to read the sequel (which is one I’m hesitant about for some unexplained reason). I started reading Thoughtless and DNFed quickly! I thought the main character was annoying, the writing immature, and overall, I just wasn’t connecting with it. I kind of want to try it again, but I just don’t care to even though everyone seems to love Kellan Kyle. And I’ve heard mixed things about JK’s The Casual Vacancy. I’m not sure if I’m ready to read something from her that’s not Harry Potter.

    • Despite it being over seven years since I finished reading Harry Potter – I still don’t want to move on either.
      I’ll keep what you said in mind if I ever read Thoughtless. I don’t DNF very often. I think only two books ever. I feel compelled to finish if I start a book.
      And I’m glad you liked Hush Hush 😀 Maybe I’ll have to move it up the to-read list! 😀

  16. I’m one of those who hated Hush Hush with a passion, and I’m usually pretty positive about books. I had all the series as well, and put them on eBay for free practically, I just wanted them gone. I don’t get the hype, it’s like an even more wanky version of Twilight, and I actually didn’t mind Twilight, it got me back into reading after all. I’d love for you to read book one, just to see your thoughts on it <3

    Gone was pretty good, book two fell into the meh category. Venom was surprisingly really good, I reluctantly picked it up thinking I wouldn't like it at all. Give that a go, I think you'll really enjoy it too.

    • I really dislike Twilight. But I dislike it more for the fanbase than the books themselves. Had there not been the hype etc. it would have been a set of books I’d read and then forgotten. I’m thankful for what it has done for YA fiction with so many more authors and readers but the story and the characters left me cold.

      I’d actually read yours and I’d also read Jeann’s thoughts about Hush Hush before and that was one of the reasons I put off reading it. But now you’ve got me all sorts of morbidly curious about if it is as bad as you say. 🙂

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