Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing Me

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The topic for this week is: Top Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Bringing Me!

This was a topic that was a Top Ten Tuesday last year and I do now own four of those ten books and have read three. I won’t include the other six books from last year’s list here because there are a thousand other books I’d love to receive!

I’ve decided to list ten (and trust me – it’s hard to restrain myself to just ten!) books that have been released and I haven’t got my hands on a copy yet.

  1. The Lies of Locke Lamora  by Scott Lynch – I only heard of this book a few weeks ago. Erica from Theft and Sorcery mentioned that for the End of Year Survey she would probably only use this one book. It sounds fantastic.
  2. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black – Have you ever felt like a book is stalking you? This is one of those books that I keep seeing everywhere. I feel like it might be a sign that I should read it. I’ve read some great reviews for it and the premise sounds interesting.
  3. Someday Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham (Also that one by Monica Seles [The Academy – Game On] if we’re going with Celebrity books) – I only really want to read this because I’ve been a Lauren Graham fan since Gilmore Girls.
  4. Holier than Thou by Laura Buzo – I always like to discover new to me Aussie authors and Holier than Thou looks right up my alley.
  5. The Bride Wore Size 12 by Meg Cabot – As a Heather Wells fan since way back I can’t wait to get around to reading the wedding!

The Lies of Locke Lamora (Gentleman Bastard, #1) The Coldest Girl in Coldtown Someday, Someday, Maybe Holier Than Thou The Bride Wore Size 12  (Heather Wells #5)

6. Once We Were by Kat Zhang – This is the second book in the Hybrid Chronicles. I thought What’s Left of Me (the first one) was well done and would like to see where Ms. Zhang takes the characters next.
7. Golden by Jessi Kirby – I have cover lust for this one.
8. Well Read Women: Portraits of Fiction’s Most Beloved Heroines by Samantha Hahn – I’ve wanted to get my hands on a copy of this book since I saw Books and Quills September Book Haul. The illustrations are gorgeous and I like the idea of having quotes and drawings from fabulous fictional heroines.
9. Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira
10. The Golem and the Djinn by Helene Wecker – This is an adult book but it looks lovely. I borrowed it from my local library but had to return it before I finished it. And then – and you know it’s a great book when this happens – there was a few month wait to reserve it.

 Once We Were (The Hybrid Chronicles, #2) Golden Well-Read Women: Portraits of Fiction's Most Beloved Heroines Love Letters to the Dead The Golem and the Djinni

I love making up wish lists. Realistically I can’t see myself unwrapping any of these books tomorrow but it was fun to write my list and if I get any gift cards then I already have my shopping list here! 😀

I apologize if there are any huge messes in this post. I’m babysitting my niece and she decided it was more fun to play on her Aunt’s computer than to watch Play School.. She loves the caps lock button and typing things that I’m sure make sense to her 20-month-old self. I triple checked to make sure there’s not any random Niece typing. Also – she loves reading and I’m sure that for Christmas she would love Mr Mo by Roger Hargraves. Or at least I hope she does since I bought her a copy!

Mr. Mo


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  1. My son loves Mr. Men books!! I bought him a few for his stocking 🙂 Anyway I really wish I would’ve remembered to put Golden on my list. Do you think my mom or husband read my mind and bought it even though its not on there?? Oh well, like you said gift cards!! I also can’t wait to read Love Letters to the Dead and Holier than Thou. Have you read Love and Other Perishable Items by Laura Buzo?? If not it’s really good, I totally recommend.

    My TTT

  2. This is the third list I have seen Lauren Graham’s book on and that makes me happy! It is a GREAT book and I don’t think it got/gets enough hype.

    I’d love Santa to bring ‘Love Letters to the Dead.’ I wish it were out- it sounds like it is going to be a hit.

    Ah! I remember the Roger Hargrave books! They were my FAVORITE when I was little. I wish my cousin got into them when she was little, but she took after my Mom and was more about clothes and purses (*sigh* I tried!). When I would get them for her and she’d be like “Yeah, that’s nice- what did you get me Aunt Tina?! Is it a new bag?!” I would sit and start rereading them at seventeen/eighteen years old.

  3. Someday, Someday, Maybe is a really fun read and I think since you like the author you will like her book, or at least I did! I too have always been a Heather Wells fan and The Bride Wore Size 12 was just as good as the others. Have you read Meg Cabot’s the boy next door series? It’s really good too.

    Happy Holidays!

  4. Oh I love these! I definitely want to read Someday, Someday Maybe, but more than that I want to read Golden– people have just been bugging me about reading it XD I hope it’s good! Anyway, great list, and I hope you have a great Christmas too!

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