Book Review: Avenging Amethyst by Kaitlyn Price

Title: Avenging Amethyst (Immortal Eyes #1)
Author: Kaitlyn Price
Genre: urban fantasy, paranormal, magic
Publisher: Self-published
Publication Date: 21 January 2013
Pages: 290 pages
Rating: 3.5 stars

Synopsis (from goodreads):
Avery and her mother have always been on the run. After her mother is murdered by something supernatural, she is left to fend for herself, alone and filled with questions. She receives a note by a stranger, giving her the opportunity to get some answers, and Avery warily accepts. She would rather face the truth than continue to be on the run.

What she discovers is nothing like she could’ve imagined. The stranger’s name is Felix, and he’s part of a race of creatures called Lovac. He tells Avery that she is a Lovac, too, and that they’re the distant descendants of the ancient vampire Nosferatu, along with two other races—the Nesmyr and Zhulik.

However, the Lovac are doomed to insanity, and nearly all of them lose their minds in their early twenties. The only way to be saved from the curse is for a Lovac to find their Dimidium, the one creature that can calm the darkness.

Nightmarish visions, kidnappings, and a lifestyle she never knew existed consume Avery’s life as she begins the search for her Dimidium and to get revenge for her mother’s death

My Review:

This book starts with a bang! Within the first paragraph Avery witnesses her mother’s murder and the excitement just keeps on going. With her mother gone and her life in a mess, Avery finds a group of magical beings who hold the secrets to the questions Avery has had since her mother’s death. With the Lovacs now at her back providing her with information, training and the ability to track down her mother’s murderer, Avery has a new family and a mission.

I have to admit I was a little lost at the start of this novel. There’s so much that happens so quickly but as I got into the story – I loved every minute. The world of the Lovac’s is exciting. There are magical powers, evil villains and the Darkness that drives a person crazy after their twenty-fifth birthday unless they’ve found their Dimidium, the Lovac equal to a soul mate. Conceptually this book had so many ideas that I adored.

Avery is a strong character – in body and spirit. She doesn’t give up no matter how dire things get. Avery is determined to help those if she can. She might be a little vengeful but she’s good at heart no matter how affected she is by the Darkness. The other Lovac she meets are fun and interesting in their own ways. I loved the relationship between Avery and Felix. I can’t wait to see how that developed (all other parties considered) in the next book in the Immortal Eyes series.

At the start I also didn’t really believe in Avery’s emotions. Her mother – her only friend in the entire world – is murdered in front of her and she just… didn’t make me feel like it was a huge thing to her. Yes, she cried in a shower but I didn’t feel her heart breaking. Timing wise, things felt a little rushed at times. Only days pass between Avery’s mother’s passing, her meeting Felix and joining the Lovacs and so much else. That said, I thought the pacing of the story was great. Enough detail was given.

As I got into the story, I loved being privy to the world of the Lovacs. It had a Vampire Academy/Trylle trilogy vibe to it and I thought this was a fantastic debut novel.

Thanks to Kaitlyn Price for providing me with a copy for review.

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    • I really enjoyed it – after I got past the start. It was confusing and the characters actions and motivations didn’t quite make sense. But the villains were interesting and there’s a bit of a love triangle which was somewhat different than most I’ve read before.

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