Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Haven’t Finished…

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The topic this week is: Top Ten Series that I Haven’t Finished Reading

I always try to finish a series if I’ve started it – and that’s a huge reason why I haven’t started reading a lot of series because one I start I feel compelled to finish them. It’s why I’m still reading the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon despite the fact I think they jumped the shark a few books ago…

Jumping a shark whilst still wearing a leather jacket? And that’s why I love Happy Days…

But generally I have finished most series that I start. Unless I’m waiting on a new instalment to be released.

I did manage to find ten series that I haven’t finished and I broke them down into a couple of categories:

Didn’t finish due to boredom:

Maybe it’s something to do with vampires but for some reason I can’t finish these series. The Vampire Diaries I started reading after I watched the show and I just couldn’t work out why they changed Elena’s appearance so much.. it was to the point where it frustrated me to read it. With the House of Night – I have the second book right here on my desk but it’s underneath… 38 other books that I plan to read before getting to Betrayed. And as for The Morganville Vampires? I read five and each one was just like the last. They’re good but I think I needed a break before I overdosed on the cliffhangers that seem to occur in every single book.

Didn’t finish due to feeling old..

These books make me feel about a hundred years old… I’m not sure what it is about them but I feel an elderly person who hates this new fangled thing called “Rock and/or Roll” when I read them. I may have been one of the few people in the world to have preferred the Percy Jackson film to the book… the book that I didn’t actually manage to get past the first few chapters of…

My eyes were bigger than my stomach…

When I was little, I was a bit of an annoying child. When asked at meal time how hungry I was I would always say I was starving. By the time dinner got to the table I’d only have a few bites and then I’d be full. My imagination and eyes were so much bigger than my appetite…

These books are a bit like that because I have a bit of an addiction to buying boxed sets. I love them. They get to sit on my shelves and look all pretty making all my other books jealous thinking that I can’t wait to read them all and find a new favourite series! But then after they graduate to the shelves they just sit there and I never get around to reading them. The Immortals still has the plastic shrink-wrap on them that was there when I bought it. And well… I’m ashamed that I bought the first three Inheritance books just because the box is just so pretty!

Other assorted reasons:

  • Anne of Green Gables by LM Mongromary – because I can’t imagine the story after Anne and Gilbert have children. As far as I’m concerned the last few books never existed
  • Dexter by Jeff Lindsay* – because after the third book I had nightmares for a month regarding pottery kilns… I’m not sure I want to subject myself to that again
  • Downside Ghosts by Stacia Kane* – after trying to mentally translate the speech of those from the Downside in book one, I’m not quite up to doing it again in the future books.


* = these series are more adult and not exactly YA appropriate.





  1. I totally agree with your boredom category! I got bored of Morganville Vampires quickly, the plots always seemed the same. And I live the show Vampire Diaries, but the books got more and more outlandish till there was nothing rooting the book in enough reality to make it even relatable( also enjoyable). Glad to see someone agree!

  2. I read the first book in the Morganville Vampire series but that was it. Just didn’t hold my interest. Dexter, I couldn’t read, the opening credits of the show with the egg and ketchup gave me the chills.

  3. I feel the same about A Series of Unfortunate Events, I would love the finish them but I would feel a little silly, and I would have to buy them as I have the first 3

  4. I love Morganville, but yeah, they’re kind of formulaic and after several books in a row I had a similar reaction – I felt like I had already read this. I’ve got the latest Morganville still to read, but otherwise I’ve kept up. I also didn’t finish Vampire Diaries. I read the first one and it just didn’t interest me.

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