Bookmarks!: Off with the Birds..

As seems to happen rather often, I was searching for a bookmark earlier today and didn’t manage to find anything more respectable than a Coles supermarket receipt to use…

So I decided it was about time that I unearthed my glue stick and hustled up some more bookmarks of the home-made variety.

I came across I Stamped That‘s gorgeous Angry Birds bookmarks and decided to have a go myself…


I learned that even with the help of a compass I still can’t manage to draw a circle but they are amazingly angry-looking.

I also stumbled across some other incredible looking bird themed bookmarks that loriamckee is selling in her etsy store and decided to try to make some bird on a wire and butterfly inspired bookmarks.

And just because I like doing things in threes, I cut up some scrapbook paper with owls on it (I’m still not sure how I acquired a stash of scrapbook paper… I’ve never scrap-booked in my life) and made some magnet bookmarks.

Now I have a small stash of bookmarks that will keep for a few months before these to go mysteriously missing…

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