The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Episodes 81-90

It’s Friday! And that means that it’s time for my second last recap and review of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries!

So this week I’m re-capping and sharing my thoughts on episodes 81 through to 90. We’re nearly finished the series!
Note: For some reason the Lizzie Bennet website has been down for the past week whenever I’ve tried to visit. This week all my links for the videos will direct directly to YouTube.

Taking a leaf out of Candide, Lizzie is going to tend to her own garden and keep out of other people’s personal lives… unless they ask her for help. But her new-found vow is tested when Gigi and Bing Lee both make an appearance in her video. Bing might not be as over Jane as we have been lead to believe and it seems like finally (yes, finally!) Bing has caught on to the fact that these videos aren’t just for Charlotte (Awkward – Ep: 81)

Two's company... three's a crowd? Bing makes this video slightly awkward

Two’s company… three’s a crowd? Bing makes this video slightly awkward

After three weeks at Pemberley Digital, Lizzie is settling in nicely and Gigi wants to clear something up for the nice viewers watching Lizzie’s drama unfold online (Checks and Balances – Ep: 82). It seems there was more in Darcy’s letter than Lizzie revealed and Gigi sheds light on just how deep the divide between Wickham and Darcy is. It seems Lizzie might have to rethink her stance on Mr William Darcy…

Sparks fly! The chemistry is tangible!

Sparks fly! The chemistry is tangible!

Lizzie seems to have remembered that she’s in San Francisco for school, so it’s time to film an interview with the CEO of Pemberley Digital for her independent study (Corporate Interview – Ep: 83)! Enter Darcy – who is more than willing to find time for Lizzie. The tension between the two has gone from blatant hostility on Lizzie’s part to flirty giggles and palpable chemistry. In an attempt to show Lizzie why she’s special, Darcy agrees to participate in some more costume theatre – this time impersonating his sister, Gigi, and best friend Fitz – even taking the opportunity to raid the costume department on the third floor!

Darcy as Gigi... and as Fitz. It seems he's getting the hang of Costume Theatre!

Darcy as Gigi… and as Fitz. It seems he’s getting the hang of Costume Theatre!

Some days are ugh but others are UNBELIEVABLE AWESOME! And on a day when Lizzie has not only a new phone but a promising date to the theatre disaster strikes with an unexpected call from Charlotte. Seems like it might be an ugh day after all… (Ugh – Ep: 84).

There’s drama at the Bennet house (Consequences – Ep: 85)- and not surprisingly Lydia is at the centre of it all. An emotional Lizzie rushes back to confront her sister and offer her support. And yay! a new room in the Bennet house is revealed when Mrs Bennet has turned Lizzie’s bedroom into a meditation retreat…

Ep 85 - Consequences

Lydia is distraught and in a showing of solidarity, Jane has come back from Los Angeles to support her baby sister (Sisterly Support – Ep: 86). It seems that Mr Bennet isn’t as clueless as he usually seems and knows the truth about Lydia and the George Wickham scandal. Lizzie feels responsible.

Ep 86 - An Understanding

Upon seeing how distraught Lizzie is over the Lydia incident, Jane makes tea (!) and offers some advice and encouragement. A depressed Lydia makes an appearance and is heartbroken and devastated. Lizzie tries to be a good big sister (An Understanding – Ep: 87).

Friends again :D

Friends again 😀

With one day till the video is about to go viral – it seems some kind-hearted stranger has got rid of the website! (Okay – Ep: 88). Lydia and Lizzie have a deep and meaningful and promise that now the crisis has been averted for the videos to be a little less emo. But we know there’ll still be a lot of the dram-ah! Apologies fly left and right and it seems that the relationship between the younger Bennet sisters has been repaired. Lydia asks Lizzie for a favour – to stick around for a while…

Having left Pemberley Digital, Lizzie is feeling a bit restless being back at her parents’ house (Insomnia – Ep: 89) so she decides to make a video in the middle of the night. Jane’s up as well and the two discuss Bing. After hearing that Bing asked about Jane and her dating status – Jane looks like she swallowed a lemon… but she agrees to catch up on Lizzie’s videos.

Lizzie’s trying to be a little less emotionally draining and promises to cut down on the angst fest – that is until Bing makes an appearance at the Bennet home! (Something Lighter… Please – Ep: 90) He seems to be lurking and popping up everywhere these days. He’s watched the videos and seems to have done a lot of thinking. Jane arrives on the scene – but in accordance with her earlier decision, Lizzie doesn’t film their conversation. Good thing Jane is willing to let the viewers in on what went down. It seems Bing is back in town for a while and since Jane is currently jobless, they’ve agreed to a fresh start… as friends? New Jane and what seems to be a new Bing with a new start? Things should be interesting…

It's a bit harder to be on camera when you know the whole world is watching...

It’s a bit harder to be on camera when you know the whole world is watching…

This week’s episodes were full of DRAMA and SCANDAL! and were a bit more heavy than what I’ve come to expect from the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. But that said – we’re coming up to the end and I loved the way that everything is coming together. The episodes I watched this week contained some of the best acting I’ve seen so far in the series and I love how believable all the actors are as their characters.

It was also fantastic to see the relationships develop and evolve. Lizzie and Lydia found new ground, Jane is more mature and stronger as a person. And the way the chemistry is growing between Darcy and Lizzie? Oh my! Lydia’s scenes were heartbreaking and Lizzie’s completely believable as the guilt ridden older sister.

I’m looking forward to next week – even if it’s going to be the last ten episodes before I have to say good-bye to Lizzie, Darcy and the rest of their crazy relatives and friends.

Thanks for reading my post and as always – I love your comments! Let me know what you thought/think of the Lizzie Bennet diaries!

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